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Q4Cast: The intelligent extra module for your ERP system

Q4Cast is not ordinary standalone inventory software. You should consider Q4cast to be additional smart software on top of your ERP system. It gathers detailed item information and transforms this into a forecast, and valuable inventory parameterdata. Almost all ERP systems are quite open nowadays, allowing Q4Cast to read and write back information. We have experience with most of the common used ERP systems, making integration fast, reliable and easy.

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Optimale voorraadparameters

Q4Cast seamlesly integrates with your ERP system. Analyzes your inventory movements and calculates optimal inventory parameters based on smart statistics.

Set your servicelevel

Set the servicelevel per item or itemcategory. Q4Cast calculates the required safetystocklevels and reorderpoint. Taking into account all that matters:demand irregularity, supplier reliability, forecasting trend, seasonality, order-quantity,order-sizes and frequency.

Fast analysis, better decisions

Q4Cast categorizes your assortment automatically in an unlimited number of groups. This gives you very fast and clear view, even with thousands of items. Better decisions and spending less time.

Plan per supplier instead of per item

ERP systems traditionally plan items individually. They will tell you to order part A, and next week to order part B at the same supplier. Thats very inefficient and costs a lot of time, enery and money.
Q4Cast will combine purchase suggestions per supplier and will replenish additional items, avoiding double purchase orders.

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